G’day guys! 

Very first time I’m writing an article in English! Therefore I’m pretty excited about that. But let’s go straight to the point today: how many times have you been listening to a song (in english, of course), and found out, pleasantly surprised, that you could actually understand basically EVERYTHING they said in it? That’s a great feeling, no doubt. But then, going on throughout the , you run into a word you don’t even know what it means? This basically happens when it comes to American-English songs, just because we are constantly over-exposed. 

In THAT VERY MOMENT, you start wondering the hell that word might stand for. Have you ever experienced that horrible feeling? Long agonizing years studying English going right to hell. So, it’s the right time for you to get to know these magical words so much common in the States. I’ll basically focus on the American slang just because I’m more “expert in that field”. What I want to make sure is that I’m not going to talk about idioms, I’m focusing on words 🙂

Let’s go straight to the point with number 1:

#1 G

What the hell is a G? It’s pretty rare for foreigners to know this word (which is basically just a letter), but it’s commonly heard in songs, especially in rap songs. 

A G is a thousand dollars

Let me give you an example!

“Let me borrow a G.”

#2 FLY

This has actually nothing to do with what birds do – fly. Well, you kind of get the idea, but fly, in american slang, means COOL.

“He was driving some fly a** car” (I’m not going to use bad words in here. Just imagine what a** might stand for, it’s not that hard ;D )


This is referred to a super attractive girl, “a perfect ten”. Not really polite to say, but it’s nice to know what it means if somebody (who knows) will ever say that to you.

“Jess is a real dime piece


Oh I love this word a lot! It’s made from joining the words neglect (=to pay no attention) and text (=a phone message). Have you guess what it means? It refers to “the act of abandoning someone in mid-conversation for a prolonged period of time(intentionally or unintentionally) via the sending of text messages electronically especially from one cell phone to another.” (credit: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Neglext) 

“I am so sorry I neglexted you…I got so busy at work and then went out with my co-worker right after”

#5 P.O.P

This acronym stands for Pissing Off the Police = get the police mad. 

According to its definition, POP is “A term used by cops when a person who is pulled over or confronted by the police tends to argue or lie. When this occurs, a ticket might be issued or the person might be taken to jail.”

“Hey Bob, how was work today?” Bob: “it was pretty good, but I had to take someone to jail for P.O.P.” 

That’s everything fot today. Please let me know if you’d like me to keep on writing about slang words and idioms.

Thank you for reading, bye 




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